7. Tempted to get an Xbox ~ 2008-09-20 23:18:48 Why is that my primary concern of my life right now =S

Well, life, in general is ok. Training is going well, sleep pattern is a bit better, and have a semi life plan.

Now back to the important stuff. I want to get an Xbox 360 for Rez, Braid, and Geometry Wars.

I need one cheappppp cos im not gonna spend too much time on it... i hope. Should i get one?

kirbyking ~ 23-09-08 @ 01:43 AM hello mooncow... u want help wit the character chao section cuz im ur pink ball of fluff pm me on the site p.s. xbox 360 blows go elite if u do get 360 beware the red ring of death (>o.O)>
Flame ~ 21-11-08 @ 11:44 AM website Do what your heart tells you.Ignore the brain.

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