3. Chao Island (soon) ~ 2008-04-29 11:17:56 After exams, i will be hopefully back to upgrading my Chao site..

Stuff you would like to see? (or words of motivation) post a comment ^_^

yeah i know its been long, but the desire to continue with the site is still inside of me somewhere.

Cengizhan ~ 29-04-08 @ 12:09 PM I love you website, dude ;)
A friend of mine is learning me how to make a website :D
So, I hope I can make a cool website like yours. :D
Guest ~ 29-04-08 @ 08:23 PM OMG something happened! Well, I checked back on the right day for sure. I was just starting to give up hope.. XD Anyways, great site. I learned everything about chao from this site a few years ago and I am hooked for life. What's going on with the forums?
Guest ~ 30-04-08 @ 01:39 AM Hi. It has been a long time...But I still like your site and whatever.XD
Grey ~ 01-05-08 @ 12:50 AM Hey i got information on Sonic Advance tiny chao garden.If you want it
zaCKARY ~ 02-05-08 @ 12:36 PM I love this site..But you need to finish it!!
Megan / Dream-Crystals ~ 02-05-08 @ 08:38 PM Thank you for making this site, its really helped me out, I was able to find out the things I didn't know,thanks alot ^__^

When you said suggestions, I was thinking of perhaps another Chaos Chao catagory with color examples. Like, how a twotone purple chaos chao looks like..

If you use that idea, I'll be happy to provide you with pictures.
Black-Dash ~ 03-05-08 @ 05:56 PM Nice to see this website still going. I wanna see the forums opened up now!
Mariah ~ 03-05-08 @ 08:01 PM Love your site!!!Ihave a glitch I found if you want to use it!
Bynine_b ~ 04-05-08 @ 05:04 PM Your website is a great resource. I'm really glad you're updating it!
Cyber-Fairy ~ 05-05-08 @ 07:16 AM website none of my chao's is ever gowing die.
all my chao's always reincarnate
i give them love and i train them only a litle but.
i want to make a chaos chao but it downt work all 5 times whit a other chao ! :(
Cyber-Fairy ~ 05-05-08 @ 07:17 AM website all thanks to your site
(but not that about chaos chaos ) !!!
zonic321 ~ 06-05-08 @ 09:12 PM dude your website is AMAZING i love it.i learned alot of stuff from this site,keep up the updates bye
Guest ~ 06-05-08 @ 09:36 PM love tthe website just need to finish it thats all
Yamikaiyoh ~ 07-05-08 @ 10:40 PM Hey! I love this site, it come to it for all my chao needs.

But there is two things I'd like to see. Perhaps a section that tells how to build certain kinds of chao (like a Chocobo Chao or a Knuckles chao without cheating) and perhaps a place were people can share snapshots of their unique chao.

I know I'd love to share Meta (A metal Sonic chao) and Ari (A Manic chao) with everyone and how they can make them too to show off.
rotom280 ~ 08-05-08 @ 12:51 AM i want to learn how to get a tails chao
Quartz ~ 08-05-08 @ 04:31 AM website Well, I suggest putting up sections OTHER than SA2. Lol.
NovaMan XP ~ 08-05-08 @ 11:23 PM website Love the site, don't ever giving up on it. You're awesome for giving helpful info on SA2's Chao Garden. It really helped me. :D
NovaMan XP ~ 08-05-08 @ 11:24 PM website *don't ever GIVE up on it... >_>
Guest ~ 09-05-08 @ 06:40 PM I am in love with your website, my chaos are in love with your website, sonic is in love with your websitte, etc...
Guest ~ 09-05-08 @ 08:29 PM Man your site has helped me alot and i have lots and lots of good chao im hoping to get working for a chaos choa after the summer exams
Guest ~ 11-05-08 @ 02:47 AM i knew you would be back! i hope you get registration done soon!
Silver ~ 11-05-08 @ 10:30 AM Been veiwing and using this site for almost a year now its still great,hope you can get back to work on it soon and get registration up!
Conmiro ~ 11-05-08 @ 07:42 PM Hey I would like to talk to you about using some of your information on my website.
Shiromas ~ 12-05-08 @ 09:45 PM Crazy stuff, I just recently get back into Chao about two weeks ago and I look and see a chao site still going,even though It's on hiatus. Awesome stuff.
Like YamiKaiYoh said I'd also love to see a chao posting section. I have a few that look pretty nice and am in the process of making even more~!
LyricsGirl ~ 13-05-08 @ 09:08 PM website I love your chao site! Keep up the great work
Silver ~ 13-05-08 @ 10:51 PM Dude your website is so freakin awesome!!!
chance ~ 15-05-08 @ 08:30 PM website when will i be able to register i can't keep waiting
Guest ~ 16-05-08 @ 04:19 PM Yay! Can't wait. Also, Chao are used in that DS Sonic game coming up, so maybe that might get put in too?
Blade Genexis ~ 16-05-08 @ 10:25 PM website I would like to see the Chao Shrine! It's been over seven years if I remember correctly...

-Blade Genexis
mixdigit ~ 17-05-08 @ 05:55 AM website i want to see every different colour of chaos
piplupquaza ~ 17-05-08 @ 05:59 AM website Hello! nice website!! If there was pictures of tails and amy chao that would be cool. If i would be bothering u by asking for this dont worry im not really bothered! thanks!
Guest ~ 17-05-08 @ 09:30 PM website I hope you finish soon! I saw this website a few months ago and I have been checking every day! I just noticed this blog. Chao Island rocks!
Guest ~ 17-05-08 @ 09:42 PM website Forgot to ask, where did you get the template for the chao website?
Guest ~ 17-05-08 @ 10:22 PM website Forgot to mention, I put a link to your website on my blog. Go Chao Island! :)
Spacechase0 ~ 17-05-08 @ 10:24 PM last three guest comments I forgot to mention I was not that first guest comment at the top
Hedgey ~ 18-05-08 @ 10:44 PM I'd love to see you add the "Character Chao" Addition. You could add how to make a chao that looks like so and so like the following: Super Sonic: Gold + Speed/Speed Neutral or maybe even Chaos Zero: Sky Blue Light Chaos Chao.
Click ~ 19-05-08 @ 11:00 PM website I Love the website, it has helped me with a lot of different things, such as Chaos Chao, Shadow Chao, NiGHTS Chao, and Reala Chao.
Guest ~ 20-05-08 @ 09:53 PM are u familier with the transparent chao?
Super-Guest ~ 21-05-08 @ 11:11 AM I got hope to see the chaoisland site finish... (my english is ... strange...)

Don't Give up Never!! =( I Want to see it finish.. Your site help me so much.
Good Luck! =)
JOE ~ 21-05-08 @ 09:15 PM website how many times can the chao die and leve a egg p.s. when i put my space i ment respond on that site
JOE ~ 21-05-08 @ 09:24 PM SOREY PUT MY SPACE.COM
Chris ~ 22-05-08 @ 10:31 PM website I agree with Yamikaiyoh, there should be a section where we can share pictures of what our Chao look like to compare them and stuff.
Cengizhan ~ 23-05-08 @ 09:03 PM I hope so freakin' much there are Chao's in Sonic Unleashed!
PyroSpark ~ 24-05-08 @ 07:26 PM I LOVE THE SITE! keep it going!
Guest ~ 25-05-08 @ 06:59 PM do u plan to include info on blitz/gaurdian chao?
Guest ~ 25-05-08 @ 07:03 PM this site helped me so much! I hope registration is up soon
Guest ~ 25-05-08 @ 07:04 PM About your Character Chao section, is there even such a thing as a Knuckles Chao?
PyroSpark ~ 25-05-08 @ 07:24 PM yes. an even in japan gave it out. and with a hacking tool like action replay you can get a tails chao, amy chao, and knuckles chao. the real thing. i might post a pic later or one day. >_>
Shadow148 ~ 26-05-08 @ 07:59 PM website Hey MC, I still want this website up and running again.
Don't give up, man. I'd like to see the triumphant return of Chao Island.
Guest ~ 26-05-08 @ 11:08 PM Thanks to your site, I was able to make Two-tone chao! Hope it will be finished! :D

Will there be a page about transparent chao soon?
Hesacon ~ 26-05-08 @ 11:30 PM website Well damn, a lot more people visit this than I thought. I thought I was the only loser still doing stuff with chao.
mitch ~ 27-05-08 @ 11:21 AM hey keep up the good work with yourweb site. i learned every thing i needed to know about chaos from your website,so dont give up and thanx.
Dark Lord ~ 28-05-08 @ 04:43 AM I hope you can add more advice on the website I love this website and I always go there for advice hope you can update it!
Calum Daly ~ 29-05-08 @ 09:07 AM website that cute...
Vinny2124 ~ 29-05-08 @ 05:18 PM I love chao. Just wanted to say that. Bye
piplupquaza ~ 01-06-08 @ 08:53 AM website The page on two-toned chao has a mistake, because i got a normal chao and a shiny chao to mate and the baby chao was a shiny normal two-toned chao. it doesn't say that on the chao island page on two-toned chao.
piplupquaza ~ 01-06-08 @ 08:54 AM website My gold chao died two days ago :( meh...
Neutral Chaos Chao ~ 01-06-08 @ 07:27 PM website Nice to see you still want to go through with it. Can't wait!
Chao-Fan 111 ~ 02-06-08 @ 03:24 PM On one of the signs in the first level of SA2(Gamecube) it says " SA2 is a growing habit, dont turn off!" thats pretty funny XD
Dark Lord ~ 04-06-08 @ 09:56 PM website My chao absolutely adore me because of all the information from the sight. My chao reincarrnated once and it is 2 years old I am soon going to get a gold Neutral Chaos Chao thanks for all your help!
Dark Lord ~ 04-06-08 @ 09:59 PM website It's almost mid June I can't wait for the Chao Island to progress. Oh and chao island owner can you add sonic adventure 2 battle chao action replay codes please I am looking for codes for my action replay.
Billy ~ 05-06-08 @ 02:21 AM website can u show us how to make (or get) character chao's and where to get all of the small animals one last thing please put stuff about sonic adventure and sonic advance.
shadow the chao ~ 05-06-08 @ 08:53 PM website is it true that u could make a invisible chao
Chao ~ 06-06-08 @ 05:05 AM Yes. Try mating a two-tone with a jewel chao(ex. two-tone and Emerald chao).. with enough luck, it will be a transparent/invisible chao..

I'm not too sure if that was how.. just try..

Guest ~ 07-06-08 @ 12:12 AM i love this site. I have 2 chaos chao now! one neutral and the other is dark. I think the dark look coolest
chao gardener ~ 07-06-08 @ 12:17 AM I wanted to comment about the chaos chao. some people say they can't make them. you have to make sure you NEVER abuse it as a baby. abuse helps kill them and if they are abused they can't be immortal
shadow the chao ~ 07-06-08 @ 06:25 PM website can you make your chao age faster
chaos ~ 08-06-08 @ 12:52 AM website how do you get a knuckels chao
Guest ~ 08-06-08 @ 11:21 PM text
Click ~ 08-06-08 @ 11:26 PM (Quote = how do you get a knuckels chao) You can use a Action Replay or go to Japan to 'try' to catch a live event for SA2B and they will give you the Knuckles Chao & Amy Chao.

You can get a Tails Chao by Action Replay or you can do 'Fake In Yellow' in PS Online Ep. 1&2. (go to Gamewinners.com for more about getting a tails chao.)
Guest ~ 08-06-08 @ 11:28 PM (Quote = text) Umm well when i hit the submit button without anything typed here, it says: please enter 'text'. So i just typed "text" as it said and hit submit. =P
Guest ~ 09-06-08 @ 03:26 AM omg i saw how 2 make a chaos chao in your site and now i have 1 tyvm!!!!!!
Guest ~ 09-06-08 @ 12:46 PM website I loved your site.
One thing that you should include, however, is how to plant trees... I really do not understand that.

Also, I just really love your site! How did you take the time to figure all of this out?

Guest ~ 09-06-08 @ 09:05 PM ever heard about the blitz chao?
Chao ~ 09-06-08 @ 09:22 PM To plant trees, make your chao win in Crab Pool(Level 3) and Stump Valley(level 3) so it can get the watering can and the shovel. Then buy a seed at the black market then give it to the chao.
Guest ~ 09-06-08 @ 10:01 PM I need some info on sonic advance!I can't get the rings that I win on story and time attack to appear in tiny chao garden!I also loved the sonic adventure 2 section!I got everything i needed from that part!
Guest ~ 11-06-08 @ 02:36 AM Can you put pic on two tone chao like what kind of two toned chao like Blue and normal
Guest ~ 11-06-08 @ 04:09 AM Hey, can you make a two tone chao with a regular chao and a pearl chao? (SA2B/Gamecube)
PyroSpark ~ 12-06-08 @ 12:47 AM Pearl chao can only be hacked, doupt it.
BW ~ 12-06-08 @ 03:54 AM Hey love the site...in fact, I'd love to HELP with the site! Just shoot me an e-mail if you're interested =]
BW ~ 12-06-08 @ 03:55 AM
Oh and btw, black chao CAN be obtained in SA2B...find the black chao egg in the Egg Carrier in SADX and transfer that chao or it's egg to Sonic Advance via the connection in your garden...then just link Sonic Advance to SA2B and pick up your chao! Enjoy your supposedly unnattainable chao! =] (granted you're still right that you cannot get one unless you own all three games and a GBA/GC link cable so it's still pretty rare, but not impossible to find ^_^)
Chao ~ 12-06-08 @ 10:45 PM You're talking about the Onyx egg... The black chao in the site is the one like Chacron.
Chao ~ 13-06-08 @ 11:32 AM There's a mistake in the Karate section!!! The box at the bottom in it is a guide for the beginner chao races! Better correct it!.. If you have time...
Guest ~ 14-06-08 @ 11:43 PM i really hope you work opn the SA1 section soon! its pretty hard to make a chao look right when all you can give it is animals and cant get rid of them!:(
megadave ~ 15-06-08 @ 04:59 AM Dude! i go to this site so i can raise my chao. You need to get that Stat trick up soon.
BW ~ 15-06-08 @ 06:14 AM Chao, is there a difference between the Onyx egg and the Black egg? I figured they were they same. I know Chacron came from a Black egg, but...iono. So is there any way to get it on the Gamecube at all? Like in either game?
BW ~ 15-06-08 @ 06:16 AM Oh and btw, I finally got all the Chao Emblems in SA2:B again a few days ago (my file got deleted ages ago)...and I'm now even more willing to help then before =]
Cengizhan ~ 15-06-08 @ 02:01 PM FINALLY

I have all 180 emblems.
Woohoo! ^^
Guest ~ 16-06-08 @ 12:50 AM i got a charcoal coler chao by breeding 2 chaos that i dont remember them though
Guest ~ 16-06-08 @ 05:43 PM i was wonderin if u can put how many enblems u hav 2 hav 2 get each item on the sonic adventure 2 for game cube part. and can u put pics of 2 tone chao on there
BW ~ 16-06-08 @ 09:08 PM Huh? How many emblems you need to get WHAT items? You mean what will be sold in the Black Market? Cuz I don't think it really matters...you MIGHT get new stuff every 20 emblems but even after I got all 180 I ended up with the same items =P
Guest ~ 17-06-08 @ 12:13 AM website i have an idea make a part of the website where we can post videos of our chao
Crazo ~ 17-06-08 @ 03:11 AM website I know I don't matter much, but I am looking beyond forward to your site getting updated/finished! I've been using it to help me for over a year and with its help today I even made a Chaos Chao. The love of Chao will not die, and with luck, will come to the Wii!
Landon ~ 17-06-08 @ 01:29 PM website *Lol @ "submitz0r"* Anyways, you have a great website going here. Me and my brother check up on it every once in a while, usually for two toned info, or evo info. It would suck if you closed the site down, im sure loads of other people depend on it too!

Thanks for the kick-butt site! :D
Guest ~ 17-06-08 @ 01:37 PM website hey can you also make a part where you can make a chao like a chao body then they design the rest
Guest ~ 18-06-08 @ 01:52 AM I hope your site will be done I wan't to learn so much!
chao wayne ~ 18-06-08 @ 01:59 AM website I totally love your site It's helped me over a 100000000000 times PS, don't give up on your site
Chao ~ 18-06-08 @ 11:58 AM The Onyx chao is all black and shiny... Chacron looks... gray... but I also don't know why he's called a Black chao.. And the site says it is the only unobtainable chao in SA2: B...
Chrissy ~ 18-06-08 @ 05:06 PM Definitely an amazing site! I've trained chao for years and knew a lot of the tips already. But I never bothered much with breeding because I didn't know you could get two-tones! After I read that on your site, I tried it with a dark swim type(from a normal egg)and a shiny yellow and the baby was shiny green with yellow highlights. So thanks! and let me know if you want any help with any parts of the site that you don't have up yet
BW ~ 19-06-08 @ 02:51 PM Yeah see, cuz you can get the Onyx egg and the Gray egg, so the fact that they just changed the name doesn't make it unobtainable...just like the "Jewel" eggs are now "Shiny" eggs. Or at least from what I've seen...
Anthony ~ 20-06-08 @ 07:46 AM website hey man LOVE your site! and as for those words of encouragement.....


oh and i think you should put a warning on the site about some serious glitching in SA2 (dreamcast) cause if I leave chao in my VMU for a long time, it has preety good chances of getting deleted. (when i say a long time, i meen a 2 or 3 days) Thanks for readin! again, LOVE ur site!!!

Anthony ~ 20-06-08 @ 07:48 AM Anthony here again, here to beg you, DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chao ~ 20-06-08 @ 08:42 AM Actually.. the Jewel Chao are still Jewel Chao(ex. Ruby and Sapph. Chao)... The Onyx is obtainable... but Chacron isn't in SA2: B...
Guest ~ 23-06-08 @ 01:17 AM website how do get on it?
Guest ~ 23-06-08 @ 01:18 AM HELP ME I CAN"T GET ON
Guest ~ 23-06-08 @ 01:20 AM Help now hippotank dude!
ChaosTiger ~ 23-06-08 @ 04:58 AM website I know it's been a long time since this site updated, but I think it's awesome. I still have Sonic Adventure DX (and still play it), so I could help a lot with info on it...
whitie ~ 23-06-08 @ 01:36 PM Help i can't get on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChaosTiger ~ 23-06-08 @ 05:22 PM website can't get on what?!?!!!1!eleven!!
Izzy ~ 23-06-08 @ 06:55 PM hey on the gamecube the face of a chao can be by the way u hatch it!
Zane ~ 24-06-08 @ 01:03 AM website Dude love the site but maybe ya need a little more work so keep it coming man u can do it
Guest ~ 25-06-08 @ 02:06 PM website I just want site registration active (and for some reason I cant get yellow or pink eggs in SA2B) >>PLEASE HELP<<
Ninjajoe ~ 25-06-08 @ 03:54 PM website your site helps alot but i raised a chao yo be a dark/ run but it tuned out to be a dark/swim whats up with that it has 10 run and 5 swim
Ninjajoe ~ 25-06-08 @ 03:57 PM website your site helps alot but i raised a chao yo be a dark/ run but it tuned out to be a dark/swim whats up with that it has 10 run and 5 swim
youpi36 ~ 25-06-08 @ 05:28 PM WOW! This site helped me so much! I wish you don't stop now! But, what about SA and SAdv? It'll be great if you could finish it. Thanks a lot dude!
Guest ~ 25-06-08 @ 11:41 PM website This site made sonic adventure 2 battle a great game for me. With out you and our site I don't think I would of played this game for more than a week but thanks to you I have spent my summer so far on it and consider that I have just started my sonic/chao journey
Guest ~ 26-06-08 @ 09:15 PM website i love chao and the site once the site is finshed upgrading and stuff i am get an account.
jimmy ~ 28-06-08 @ 10:30 AM love the site it relly help me get started
Guest ~ 29-06-08 @ 04:34 PM your website rocks kepp up the good work
link ~ 29-06-08 @ 04:36 PM hey have u ever heard of the blitz chao?
skychi ~ 29-06-08 @ 04:39 PM i love your web site plz don't give up on it! u did a great job !
chaogod ~ 29-06-08 @ 04:43 PM thank you so much you helped me make a chaos chao. pleas don't give up on your website!
jimmy ~ 29-06-08 @ 04:50 PM weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kellllly ~ 29-06-08 @ 08:11 PM website Your site is awesome, after all those years I still play with my chao' and your site is awesome and a great source for information! :D
I'd suggest you finish the character page and also I'd like to see ways to get special chao' or more complex ones (like how to make a shadow chao with chesthair (the lil wing medal which you'd need to give to a normal/hero chao and then reincarnate it :P)).
And by the way people, the blitz chao is just a white two toned chao (if I remember corectly..)
Megadave ~ 29-06-08 @ 10:17 PM Is there a way to get a Super Sonic Chao?
Youpi36 ~ 30-06-08 @ 12:32 AM Hey, the blitz chao is a dark chao with white part of body but if you make it neutral, it'll be a guardian chao(my favorite one is the guardian/neutral/running/none!)But don't make an hero chao: it won't work(just a normal hero chao)
erik ~ 30-06-08 @ 01:46 AM website This is the coolest web site I have an awsome idea for people who have action replays so you cane find a buntch pf codes your web site has helpped me a lot email me if you want to talk love your web site

-erik or craztmonkey18@yahoo.com

Ceep working on your web site
ChaosTiger ~ 30-06-08 @ 04:14 AM website for a Super Sonic Chao, just get a gold egg or a shiney yellow egg and make a Sonic Chao (neutral/run/run). or even better, a two-tone gold or shiney yellow Chao
link ~ 30-06-08 @ 12:01 PM yup the blitz chao is just a 2 toned white chao but it has a certian color when it evolves. I just think that it should b in the web site.
Guest ~ 30-06-08 @ 04:20 PM hey your site helped me sooooo much thank you for the help keep up the good work :-)
chao breeder ~ 30-06-08 @ 05:51 PM your website is the best!! and is there a way 2 get a black chao in gc. version?
chao breeder ~ 30-06-08 @ 09:37 PM nvm it i found out how 2 oh yeah keep up the good work
Guest ~ 01-07-08 @ 03:33 AM sonic dx has chao in it but i love the site
Master Breeder(Dark/ Neutral) ~ 03-07-08 @ 01:03 AM Could you send me a list on animals, chao combinations/evolutions,& 1 reccomendation, please?
Big the Cat ~ 03-07-08 @ 01:18 AM How come when you show a reincarnated chao to the doctor in DC VERSION, THE GAME CRASHES?

I request an answer at joycebender@yahoo.com
crazeboy5 on youtube ~ 03-07-08 @ 01:25 AM ur site rocks!!I didnt no anything bout chao till i looked up ur site!u should get a section for sa2b on the black markest item:emblem ratio.
Guest ~ 03-07-08 @ 01:52 PM website It's been a really long time...speaking of which, what keeps you behind?
link ~ 03-07-08 @ 10:36 PM yea it has been a realy long time from last update.btw plz don't take offence 2 this without your site i wold no nothing about chao p.s. your site rocks!!!
Sonicfan09 ~ 03-07-08 @ 10:52 PM website dude, if u could post this on your site:
how to get a sonic chao: just keep using sonic with it (pet play and hold) and soon it will be a sonic chao!
Guest ~ 03-07-08 @ 11:21 PM Sonicfan09 your wrong it is a Neutral Run Run Chao cause if you pet it with sonic alought it will turn to a Hero Chao not a Sonic Chao
Guest ~ 03-07-08 @ 11:27 PM Do you know how much embelems you need to Get Different colored chao????

cause i have about 112 embelems but i havent seen a blue one purple green black pink orange or a ashiny blue shiny green shiny yellow shiny pink shiny purple shiny black or a shiny orange

Please give the ansers PWEASE! I NEED THEM :<
Guest ~ 03-07-08 @ 11:29 PM your website is The Best please keep up the good work :>
link ~ 04-07-08 @ 11:26 AM thats not how u make a sonic chao sonicfan09..u get a regular or blue chao the pet it hero/dark charaters and give it green chaosdrives/ainmals thats how u get a sonic chao =)
link ~ 04-07-08 @ 11:27 AM oops he already said how 2...
Klnxylvy ~ 05-07-08 @ 11:27 PM website best work man great
Guest ~ 06-07-08 @ 12:32 AM yup klnxylvy u took the words right outa my mouth.GREAT WORK!
Lzdelsfj ~ 06-07-08 @ 02:54 AM website this is be cool 8)
Xwtthjpy ~ 06-07-08 @ 07:47 AM website nice site dude
Vopxkuwk ~ 06-07-08 @ 08:09 AM website interesting post thx
Chao ~ 06-07-08 @ 08:41 AM
"Do you know how much embelems you need to Get Different colored chao????

cause i have about 112 embelems but i havent seen a blue one purple green black pink orange or a ashiny blue shiny green shiny yellow shiny pink shiny purple shiny black or a shiny orange

Please give the ansers PWEASE! I NEED THEM :<"

I only have 111 and I've seen all of those eggs... except the black one though : l... Just keep checking again and again... you might see them... :D
Chao ~ 06-07-08 @ 08:44 AM Hey, hey! When are you going to continue the site? Hope you continue soon! :D
link ~ 06-07-08 @ 02:48 PM yea when u said mid june its july already =)
Guest ~ 06-07-08 @ 10:47 PM I have information you need.You see im a chao breeder myself(Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut and Sonic Adventure 2:battle).
Guest ~ 06-07-08 @ 10:48 PM I have information you need.You see im a chao breeder myself(Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut and Sonic Adventure 2:battle).
Guest ~ 06-07-08 @ 10:48 PM My friends and I admire ur work but we can help you with your coming soon areas:Characters and Stat Glitch(because we are devoted to these things).Also we will do it all for only recognition on your website.i will also tell you of one of the items left out of your info:Color Changing Ball/Halo/Spike Ball
contact me at this e-mail adress if you want your info:
. ~ 07-07-08 @ 10:58 AM i love your website dude!!!!:)
Guest ~ 07-07-08 @ 07:23 PM on the dreamcast is it possible to make a golden chao not buy one make one
Chao ~ 08-07-08 @ 01:39 AM Your website RUUUUULES!!!!!!!!!!
ChaosTiger ~ 08-07-08 @ 05:03 AM website "No Chao questions in there though, or it will get way too flooded."

that's sad... it's posted right before the link to the blog, and yet it still happens :/
if anyone has any questions, you can e-mail me, although I know more about SADX than I do about SA2B. it's chaostiger2000@yahoo.com
Guest ~ 08-07-08 @ 04:28 PM website dude when is the website gonna b up?
D'aww! ~ 09-07-08 @ 03:53 AM text
Daneasaur ~ 09-07-08 @ 06:09 AM Hey, I have some info for your site that fits under negative reactions.

On my Dreamcast, I decided to see if it was possible to actually kill a Chao by repeatedly attacking it.

Eventually, it stood up, started running like a maniac, and screaming a horrible sound.

Aso, when a Chao waters a tree, the fruit on the tree will grow to ripe size. they can do this to planted trees AND the trees that are already in any of the gardens.

I hope this helps! You have an awesome site.
link ~ 09-07-08 @ 09:58 AM thats odd ive only seen chao run a scream like a maniac when they have boar parts...cool
Hyparx ~ 09-07-08 @ 05:46 PM website That is a really tall cat ( to the right ).
Guest ~ 09-07-08 @ 11:05 PM When are you gonna put in the Character Chao section :o?
Guest ~ 10-07-08 @ 06:42 PM Can you get jewel chaos in the gamecube version of SA2?
Guest ~ 10-07-08 @ 06:45 PM Can you get jewel choas on gamecube version of SA2? You have the best chao website ever!
ChaosTiger ~ 11-07-08 @ 03:19 AM website Hyparx, that's the cat from Chu Chu Rocket... speaking of which, the theme here is awesome, along with the Chao site
no name ~ 12-07-08 @ 02:00 AM website Hey dude, thanks for making the chao site. I would not know a-LOT of stuff :)

Can you get me a registration?
Guest ~ 14-07-08 @ 11:47 PM u website rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darkwind ~ 15-07-08 @ 06:21 AM website Yeah! Chao Island is finally back in progress! I used to be Sonic_the_Hedgehog2. Not that anybody remembers me. :D
KagomeKat ~ 16-07-08 @ 12:30 AM website Your site is pure AWSOME-NESS KEEP GOING DONT GIVE UP!!!
Chaos Bingo ~ 16-07-08 @ 06:25 AM Ah, this reminds me of the good times I had back a the old forums. I saw the new one. But please don't give up on this site. I love this site to pieces. It's the reason I love Chao so much. I just miss the good times in the chatbox at midnight.

Again, don't ever give up! You probably don't remember me, but I love this site. An during the wait I did something I've been trying to do all along. I got Bingo, to be a Chaos Chao.

So please, keep up the good work.
-Chaos Bingo
perfect chaos ~ 17-07-08 @ 03:20 PM to make a chaos 0 chao is to get a shiny blue chao [any blue!]then make it a ligt chao you read this and you have a rare chao tada yyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
perfert chaos ~ 17-07-08 @ 03:24 PM :] I ment light chaos chao on my latest
chaostiger ~ 17-07-08 @ 03:26 PM perfect chaos gave me good information
popodo ~ 17-07-08 @ 03:37 PM your site is lame I hate the dum site and everyone who enjoyes it =( >:( ;/
Guest ~ 17-07-08 @ 04:34 PM I've got a max stat chao! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! It took FOREVER!
popodo sucks ~ 18-07-08 @ 08:49 AM chao's rule! DOnt dis the site
Awesome site btw
popodo ~ 18-07-08 @ 01:11 PM I'm sorry about yesterday I was pissed off at my chao because he would not evolve into a chaos chao /=( sorry everyone and I DON'T SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
perfect chaos ~ 18-07-08 @ 01:43 PM when can you get your sonic advadce DX derectors cut information done the game that sonic kicks my butt
chao slayer ~ 18-07-08 @ 02:11 PM website killing the chao you hate is the best way toget rid of annoying chao in my eye but move the chao you love move to a different garden or you might hurt them or it might mak them scare it might be next I love CHAO!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest ~ 18-07-08 @ 02:32 PM website I hope chao come to this game coming in november when sonic turns into a werehog(werewolf) at night because eggman >:D chao would be perfect in the game they could even make a werechao :}
wayne ~ 18-07-08 @ 02:54 PM sonic unleashed is cool look at it's first movie on it's movie list but dont click on the first movie while it is on just look for play and watch BUT oneMOVIE on the the list a CHAO is IN one of the movies but only an eagle eye to see it enjoy LOOK up on the one on top of me with the house
half fish ~ 18-07-08 @ 03:02 PM website try this place too!
chao ~ 18-07-08 @ 03:10 PM website cool
Guest ~ 18-07-08 @ 03:14 PM website I HOPE you get everything on that site
ChaosTiger ~ 18-07-08 @ 05:30 PM website a werechao would be AWESOME. I'd like to see more animals for you to give your chao... maybe one of the animals could turn your chao into a were?
chao slayer ~ 18-07-08 @ 05:58 PM a werechao would be awesome I love werewolfs and chao
ChaosTiger ~ 18-07-08 @ 06:23 PM website I just watched an E3 interview about the game on Gamespot... Tails, Knuckles and Shadow will be in the game, and there will PROBABLY (the response was "You'll have to stay tuned") be another Were-character in the game...
popodo ~ 20-07-08 @ 05:49 PM your website is the gayest site in the world it so stupid u cant even finsh it loser!
Guest ~ 20-07-08 @ 06:49 PM on chaohippotank.com you should make a page about sonic dx as that is definitely the best game for chao's and also you sould make a page about ho to make chao hacks and charector chaos

P.S. please take my advise ^-^
NiGHTS88 ~ 20-07-08 @ 09:01 PM website Oh God... Sonic and The Black Knight. That's all we need. Sonic and swords... :[
Me ~ 23-07-08 @ 10:27 PM hi.. AWESOME site. ur kinda letting it slip again.......
Pheonix ~ 24-07-08 @ 05:33 AM sonic and the black night will be awesome, hopefully you can raise chao in it, but could someone email me what happens when you breed a two-toned chao with one of another colour? Thanks.
Chao ~ 24-07-08 @ 12:54 PM Hoowee! it's been a long time since mee last visit... :D
2-tone + Normal color = 2- tone/ Normal/ I'm not sure about others...
It has really been a long time, when'll you continue on the site? :D
NiGHTS88 ~ 24-07-08 @ 09:55 PM For all of the "What happens when I breed..." questions:


But if you don't want to learn those...
Just dissect the chao and it's parents, color and texture wise.
Two-tone B: B, and two-tone.
(Has B, monotone; and Regular, two-tone gene pool)
Monotone Y: Y, and monotone.

Take that, and combine each column (texture being one, color the other). Note the frequency of each quality in each column, and note the possibilites.
shinder the chao gaurdian ~ 25-07-08 @ 03:36 AM website there is realy nothing that i can think of that your sight needs but a rumor test page. apge were people right an rumor on chao and you and an elite team check and see if there true or not.
chaoshaq ~ 25-07-08 @ 09:51 PM lol, I've been checking chaoisland sometimes, seeing whether it's ever going to come back. I love the forums and the community. Well, I'll be waiting, and goodjob for not closing it down as well!
prince_medion ~ 26-07-08 @ 08:57 AM Great site hippotank! one suggestion i'd have is picture of sonic advance jewel chaos, but rendered in sonic adventure 1/2 so we can see clearly what it looks like before buying it. If its possible of course. And btw, you have good quality artworks on your blog, did you draw them in a vectorial drawing software?
Guest ~ 26-07-08 @ 02:03 PM please finsh the site im begging you please!
Guest ~ 26-07-08 @ 10:46 PM website you should really finish this site!And thanks sooo much! i learned so much about chao on this sight! ive been on this sight for A long time!And you should keep adding to Chao Island! really nice!

tyvm for adding the Chaos Chao page!
Matt ~ 27-07-08 @ 01:27 PM hey i heard if you breed a chao of any colour with a metallic chao of the same colour that you could get a clear chao that u can barely see. i dont know if it's a normal colour chao (i.e. red) or a shiny chao(i.e. shiny red) but it has to be a metallic chao of the same colour in the cocoction somewhere. i cant get it to work, so could you please provide some insight on if this is true or not?
Matt ~ 27-07-08 @ 01:30 PM hey sorry i forgot to put my email in my last message
link ~ 28-07-08 @ 02:01 PM W00T all my chao are chaos chao or is that a bad thing? nvm i no it is bad i got2 get rid of some =(
Chaolover08 ~ 28-07-08 @ 03:16 PM website I love this site I have Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and Sonic Adventure DX for my Gamecube. I need some info on raising chao for Sonic Adventure, I have both the GC and DC.
ChaosTiger ~ 29-07-08 @ 02:56 AM website Matt, yes, breeding a normal chao with a shiny or metalic can produce a clear Chao, but it's random... I used a shiny aqua chao with a normal chao.
CrimsonCerberus ~ 29-07-08 @ 10:11 AM website I really hope there's some kind of update by September. :( It's been quite awhile...Don't give up!
((((sora))))) ~ 29-07-08 @ 12:46 PM yea an update would be nice
:-) ~ 30-07-08 @ 04:43 PM it would be neat 2 have a place on the site where u can upload pics of your chao.
Mii ~ 31-07-08 @ 04:10 PM how do u register to chao island?
(((((sora))))) ~ 01-08-08 @ 10:26 AM yea how do u do that??
p.s.(great site)
shinder the chao gaurdian ~ 01-08-08 @ 12:07 PM well i like the site so much i wonder if i can mention it to some friends in my chao guild on gaiaonline.
?????????????????????????????? ~ 21-10-08 @ 11:39 PM website Hey,u shood totaly make a new chao island!
Flame ~ 27-11-08 @ 06:06 PM website Great!!!Love the site!
Shiro Hikari ~ 10-12-08 @ 08:56 PM website The site is down , u need to fix it
cjn1414118 ~ 23-12-08 @ 02:44 AM I would really love to see the Chao Island website have a guide on what each two tone chao looks like. I love that site so much.
cjn1414118 ~ 23-12-08 @ 02:44 AM I would really love to see the Chao Island website have a guide on what each two tone chao looks like. I love that site so much.
chaos the great ~ 20-01-09 @ 10:41 PM PLEASE continue making the site
I just LOVE it i bin going to it since it first came out i have 6
chaos chaos thanks to you and if
you need any help id be glad :D
Guest ~ 19-05-09 @ 03:55 PM website Sonic adventure battle 2 is so old how about playing the new sonic video games.
Guest ~ 06-07-09 @ 10:44 AM i just love my chao i have a chaos chao and i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
chao ~ 06-07-09 @ 10:45 AM i love my chao sooooooooooo much i wish thay were real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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