23. Blogs, diaries, books, and calendars ~ 2011-01-04 16:41:45 It's important to organise your time. Well, that's my current theory. This is my reminder to myself to keep things on track.
Blogs, diaries, books, and calendars. Yeah I got all of those. I'm also sorting a similar program for my PC.

Books. It's good to write. If you think too much, put it into writing. I realised this after a long time of dissing it.

Diaries. I mean the schedule type. Good if you can follow it.

Calendars. A cooler (but smaller) version of a diary. Great if you have a busy schedule, and you can see at a glance what you are doing in the week, and what your free days are.

This blog, is a good tool. I don't update it much, i'm not really sure what I want to write on my own personal bit of webspace facing the world. But it's here nevertherless. What's important is that it's my creation, and i love my creations >=)

Manage your time. I don't think there's enough hours in the day for what I want to accomplish so better make sure you are using the time you do have, correctly.


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