14. The Future ~ 2009-08-11 04:39:02 I've started to apply for (real) jobs
I've gotten into a Cisco flow

Training wise, i feel great. But my current football is charging too much this season so i'm going to have to look for another club.
On the bright side, it gives me a chance to go up a level i guess- if i find a team.

Chao Island is down, it should be back up soon. Sorry! It's not the host though, it's our database. I need to un-clog it basically.

Also I finally got around to re-adding the pictures from the old site. They are in the media section.

SilverShadic ~ 13-09-09 @ 12:57 PM Mooncow,The forums are down
Guest (J.J.) ~ 15-03-20 @ 08:43 PM website Love the program and all the hard work you have done. I don't understand what 3 of the buttons do in the reflections menu for chao color.Can I email my question to you?

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