12. But the soul still burns... ~ 2009-04-20 17:00:19 I have a new room. w00t!

Football is going well, Cisco is picking up now, and Chao Island is being re-created.

Currently Chao Island forums re down but will be back up hopefully by tomrrow.

Other than that, life is pretty uneventful. No drama. =(

FOOTBALL GYM CISCO WARCRAFT < the four things of the summer.

_shadow_chao_ ~ 23-04-09 @ 11:07 AM Thanks for bringing up all the new
features on CI, Glad to here you
got a new room :) Just one Qeustinon are there going to be
new mod dolls on CI when you
get it back afloat fully?
CHOW CHOW ~ 01-07-09 @ 06:59 AM Chat Box needs to go here.

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